Monday, January 25, 2010

Dirty Hamster

Layton was wet this morning when he woke up. He got his clothes changed and I went in to get his wet clothes off his floor, where they normally are. They weren't there. I asked him, "Layt, where are your wet clothes?" He replied, "In the dirty hamster." I thought for a moment and then realized he meant to say the dirty clothes hamper.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So I was downstairs in the office working on my lessons for co-op last week and I was just thinking how great the kids were acting. They were upstairs playing together being quiet and I hadn't heard tears in quite a while. Then I heard, MOOOOOMMMM, and walked out to the living room to see this.
They told me they switched and not Landry was the little brother and Logan and Layton were the big sisters. How funny of them to think of this and get each other dressed up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little things

Okay, little things bother me about my children getting older. The fact that they turn a new age isn't as bothersome to me as when they meet new milestones. Logan has met a new milestone and it is really bothering me. It's not one he actually knowingly accomplished, it's just one that naturally happens. I know it's not that big of a deal in real life but it is to me! It's the fact that I now have to put his clothes on adult hangars instead of the cute bright colored child sized ones. I realized this a few weeks ago and began putting his shirts on our adult hangars as I washed them. The last few days I have noticed the little hangars are making marks in the shoulders of his shirts so I have had to go back and put them all on large hangars. I HATE THIS! Just thought you should know!

Monday, January 18, 2010

What did you do over Christmas Break?

What did we do over our weeks off for Christmas break? Well, we did a lot and we did a lot of nothing! We did a lot of Wii, bowling in the living room, playing with friends, had a few movie nights, put together A LOT of legos, went to the Lego store, played at the park, played outside on our new scooters, had a lot of light sabre fights, and last but not least we homeschooled! Hope you had a good one. What did you do?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our first filling

We went to the dentist in November and our dentist told us Layton has a cavity and that his teeth needed to be sealed. So we waited until after Christmas to have it done. I have been worried about Layton complying and going along with all that was involved in this process. When the day came to have it done I told him he could keep his p.j's on at the dentist and he was concerned that the dentist would get mad at him. I assured him that she said he could. We left our home at about 7:15am and as we were driving out of our driveway Layton said, "Hey, I didn't eat yet!" I wondered if he would comment on that because they told me not to let him eat before. We arrived and he had to drink the "Power Ranger juice" to allow him to relax a bit. Then about an hour later we headed into the procedure room. They put the gas on his little nose. He chose the strawberry flavored mask and the grape gloves. This made him relax even more. He just layed there and watched the t.v. in the ceiling that was playing the movie, Robots. He did wonderfully! He doesn't remember what they did to him but when you ask him about it now he says, "I felt like I was flying to the roof." After we got home he just sat in my lap and acted so drowsy for a few hours. It was wonderful because this NEVER happens with Layton unless he is asleep.
Then the very next day Layton received this postcard in the mail from our dentist, Dr. Allman. I have to say they are a wonderful dentist office. It's so cute in there and they are so precious to the children. They talk to them the entire time and make them feel comfortable.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, Sissy has had a big week and a HUGE 2 moths. This week started with dancing class and then she moved to a big girl bed. In our family the magic age of big beds is 3 years old. Landry got most of her new bed stuff for her birthday and Christmas. She got some money for her birthday and so we put some with it and bought her a new mattress and box spring. (by the way she is the ONLY one in this house that is sleeping on a mattress that wasn't handed down from someone else in our family) She also got 2 new sets of sheets, a new adorable quilt and pillow sham, new dust ruffle, area rug, and bed frame. By the way, I do know she is a little tacky looking in these pictures but it was a stay home day and that's just how it was. Bye bye baby bed!
She really wanted to help me put on the dust ruffle. Each time I would fix it she came after me and made it crooked again.
These are her new sheets. Tacky, I know. She (like most 3 year old girls) is in to everything princess so I thought sheets were harmless because you can cover them up! She loves them. The pillowcase is Belle (Sis) Cinderella (mommy) and Aurora (Landry). She assigned us each a princess when we went to Disney World in September.
I'm going to have a few pillows made from her old baby bed skirt. It was the same silk fabric that her curtains are.
This was her first night to sleep in her big girl bed. She went right to sleep as I was singing to her and slept all night until 7am the next morning. What a good girl.

Since December 5th she has turned 3 years old, given up her pasie, started dancing and moved to a big girl bed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Landry is a Girl of Grace

Landry started dancing yesterday at Girls of Grace Dance Co. We have been talking about this day for the last 6 months. She knew that after she turned 3 years old she could start ballet and tap class. After lunch I said, "Let's go put on your dance clothes" Landry replied, "NOW? I get to go now?!" She kept saying, "I'm so excited!" She was so precious in her new dance clothes.
She is a natural at doing dance poses. She likes her tap shoes the best.
This is what I have been waiting for for 3 years. It's a great day for Landry and mommy!
Mandy Alexander is one of the owners of Girls of Grace and one of her teachers along with Ms. Sara. Mandy was precious to her and made Landry feel very comfortable and happy. She didn't mind at all that I left her. Each girl has a chair with her name on it. They sit in the chair to change their shoes before class starts. They sat in a little circle and learned how to point their toes. They are talking about the fruit of the spirit and today was kindness. Landry got in the car and told me, "I have to be kind to my brudders!"
Landry told us she loved the class. I asked her at dinner, "What was your favorite part of your dance class?" She said, "When we did point, point, point!, Daddy, what was your favorite part of my dance class?" We just laughed and laughed at her.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Eve

My babies have sweet teeth, not a sweet tooth. I let them dip oreos, marshmallows and peanut butter Ritz crackers in chocolate. Landry and Layton LOVED it! I think she ate more off the fork than she got on the oreos.

We had Christmas Eve lunch at Sis' house and dinner at Mammie's house. Here is Papa and Layton with his new signature pose. For those of you who don't know, that's a pretend light saber pose. Sis set up her little DVD player for the kids to watch. They thought that was so fun to be able to hide on the other side of her bed and watch her little tv.