Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh my!

Well this is the sight I saw this morning
when I went into Landry's room
to get her up out of her bed. She comes
by that crazy hair honestly.
My hair looked just about that bad this morning
too but I'm not attaching pictures of myself.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Star Wars Obsession

Okay, let me just say Layton LOVES Star Wars. Those who know him well would probably agree with me that he is obsessed with everything Star Wars, especially mini guys. He always has some in his pocket, a bag, in the bathtub with him or in his hands. Logan got several of these for his 6th birthday and lately Layton has started loving them. For Christmas Dee got him lots of his very own so we have doubles of lots of them. He plays with them every day almost all day. I would venture to say most of the day involves mini guys. He knows so much about Star Wars. He knows what # movie each character is in (he calls the movies by numbers, not names) He knows what color light saber they have, what kind of hair they have, who they like, who they defeat, etc. When he gets excited about it he talks really fast and we just laugh at him because we can't even understand who he is talking about. Star Wars mini guys are truly the love of his life, right now at least!
He plays mini guys everywhere, at the table in his room...
On the Little Tykes gas station... In his castle...
In the Batman Batcave...

In Peter Pan's hero fort...
These are some of his favorites, all lined up and ready for battle.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lost Tooth

Logan has finally started losing his teeth. He was very early getting teeth (5 months) but pretty late losing them. Most of his friends his age have lost 4 or more by now. On December 5th (Landry's 2nd birthday) he lost his first tooth. This was before I was a blogger (ha ha) so this picture is of his 2nd tooth. He lost it on Sunday night. He was eating an apple and said, "Mom, I have blood from my tooth on the apple." I said, "pull it out, you can do it! Do it Logan, go, go, go, go!" He started turning it and pulling and he got the weirdest look on his face and then an ecstatic look in his eyes. "I did it all by myself!" He was so proud of himself for doing it all by himself and we are too. Daddy had to pull his first tooth after about a month of begging him to pull it out. His permanent tooth was almost all the way in so it really isn't a hole but he looks cute with the bottom 2 teeth just growing in.
Here is the cutest little note he wrote to the toothfairy to leave his tooth. Isn't his tooth cute and little?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ponytail Baby

Today I put Landry's hair in a ponytail. She looked like such a big girl! Here she is talking to daddy on the phone while working in her kitchen.

She uses her hands to talk just like we do. She is telling daddy, "NO!"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Basketball, anyone?

Logan is playing basketball this season with Lakepointe Sports. I don't think he was planning to like it as much as he does. We kinda had to make him play but he really likes it now. He is doing really well. His team is the Wildcats. Adam is the coach so he let Logan choose the name. He chose Wildcats because that's Troy Bolton's basketball team's name in High School Musical.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ballerina Princess

Landry got this ballerina costume for Christmas from Gramps
and she was showing us how to be a ballerina. Notice the tongue.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Potty Training

Landry is potty training. She has done it so fast.
I walked in with my camera and she pointed her finger at me
and she said, "No, Mama!"
Notice her not-so-adorable outfit. She had been
outside with the boys playing and she had on her rubber
boots with a jacket that didn't match.

She was telling me that she gets 2 M&M's when she t.t.s in the potty.
"Go t.t. potty get memanems!"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sneaky boy!

One night I went up to check on the kids and Layton wasn't in his bed.
I looked in Logan's room and this is what I found.
Layton is such a snuggler he sleeps better with someone. What sweeties!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Panty Parade

Landry got Princess panties in her stocking from Santa.
She immediately loved them and wanted to put on a pair over her pj's.
Then another pair.

Then another pair. She was having a little trouble getting them on correctly but
NOBODY could help her!
Well there you have it, 7 pairs of Princess panties on that precious little Landry!