Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are you kidding me?

This morning we got about 2/3 way to school (we drive about 25 minutes to school) and Layton announced he only had on one shoe. He ate breakfast wearing only one shoe and as we were walking to the car this morning I made sure that he had it in his hand. He walked around the front of the car and got in and we left. Then came the announcement! I must admit that I totally lost my cool! I mean good grief! I forget things too but it was in his hand in the garage and then he didn't notice until we were almost there? Sure! He kept saying, "I think I might have dropped it on the floor." I went ahead and dropped Logan off to school (I mean there's no use in him getting a tardy when he did the correct thing.) Then we turned around and drove the 25 minutes home and this is what I saw as I opened the garage door.
That close to the door was the shoe!
He got it and we started our journey back. As we drove he admitted that he actually put it there on purpose and waited until we got almost to school so that he could go to kindergarten without shoes on.
Ha ha ha, I showed you!

I knew in my mind that's what he wanted so instead he had to spend an hour and a half in the car this morning and then go in to class tardy! Yes, I will now be leaving a pair of shoes in the car for times like this. (Sorry Adam, I know this will make you crazy!) Maybe I'll get some girly shoes so that if he ever does this again he will have to wear them into class! No, I won't do that. I don't have the nerve to send him to school like that. I will threaten it though.

Then in the middle of our way back to school he heard a commercial for an auto parts company on the radio. The jingle said, AAAA auto parts! Layton said, "Did they just sing about awesome farts?" I laughed and laughed. It totally got me out of my irritated mood. He is just a 6 year old after all!

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