Monday, September 19, 2011

Is this sacrilegious?

I just saw Landry's Bible and noticed Woody peaking at me from it. Is this sacrilegious? Well it made me giggle either way.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last First...

This is Landry's, I mean my last first day of preschool! I'm not trying to make this about me but this is the last time I will ever take a child of mine to the first day of preschool.


Some would find this a joyous occasion but not me. I love every stage of my kid's lives (so far) but this new stage means:

1. I don't have any more babies.

2. I am old!

3. I am one year closer to having my kids leave for college.

4. She is one year closer to not wearing hairbows.

Landry slept in sponge rollers last night. Looking at that precious little head asleep on her princess pillow in sponge rollers is the cutest thing ever! First day of school breakfast. She got to choose it. She chose a gourmet meal of strawberry toaster pastries.

All ready!

Usual front door pictureposing,
and more posing. If you know Landry you know this is not staged by me, it's just natural for this girl.
My sweetie girl is happy and that's what matters. I'm SO looking forward to getting her this afternoon. She will tell me everything about the day, even if we don't ask!