Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A few days ago I brought the pool bag in from the garage to clean out. Landry loves to help me so she asked if she could do it for me. I said yes and assumed she would empty it and then I would complete the task. I walked off and did a few other things and then came back to see this little proud girl with all of the pool items sorted. She is a girl after my own heart. If you know me you know how I LOVE to sort things and to keep them all together. Either she does too or she knows me well and knows how to please me. Yea Landry! Thank you sweetie!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fancy Food Friday

On each Friday of the summer so far we have had Fancy Food Fridays. I have several shaped cookie pans that I use. Each has 6 openings and I put a different snack type of food in each. The kids each get so excited to see what shape pan they have and what all food they have.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fish Camp

I have already read several blog posts about Fish Camp in Royse City. It's a yummy restaurant but our favorite part of it is the pond. They have fishing poles and the pond is stocked with tonz of little perch so they basically jump right on your line. It's a great way to pass the time while you are waiting for your excellent fried catfish. It was a fun night.
What a HUGE catch, Layt.
Logan wasn't too impressed with the quality of fish but he went along with it for the littles.
Even Sissy caught a fish but she DID NOT want to hold it.
I have discovered lately that apparently I am competitive. I never believed I was until lately. I wouldn't leave until I caught one too. Look at that great catch!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toy Story 3

I am not a Disney fanatic. I do LOVE Disney World and Disney movies but I don't usually get excited about a new movie coming out. I don't have themed cookie jars or shower curtains and I certainly don't wear Disney clothes (my kids do at certain times though) This time has been different. We have been talking about Toy Story 3 for almost a year now since we heard another one was coming out. We were in Disney World in September and saw the advertisements and got SO excited. Toy Story is my favorite animated movie of all times and in my opinion they just keep getting better! They are so precious and it's nostalgic to see all the old toys that so many of us had a little kids. I love the friendships and the messages they send and the humor is adult at many times. I read in the Dallas Morning News last week that the reviewer said this was a movie for adults that children could see. I agree.
We planned to see the movie and have a family fun day with our close family friends. We saw the movie on Saturday morning at 10:55am in 3D.

I just love this picture, it was SO sunny and I SO wanted a picture with my 3 posing in front of the 3 sign but they just couldn't do it! The sun was too much for them!
As we were standing here taking pics we saw several sad and crying kiddos walking back to their cars. I felt sorry for them that the movie was already sold out. I guess their parents didn't think ahead to get tickets early!
Landry watched it in 3D some of the time and then got tired of the glasses and wore them on her head.
We all love, love, loved it!
Layton with his best friend, Jackson Cilio were all smiles after the show.
We were so glad Carson came home from Oklahoma early to see the movie with us.
Campbell, Adam, Layt and Jackson with the long, HOT walk back to the car after the movie.
I made a cake to celebrate the movie. I LOVE theme parties so this was probably more fun for me than it was for the kiddos. Bottom layer was a 9X13 one layer strawberry sheet with strawberry cream cheese icing, middle was an 8 inch square buttercake with cream cheese icing, top was a 6 inch round chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing.
The table! No, this wasn't a birthday party for anyone but I just decorated and had party favors like it was. I had so much fun with it!
We had chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs grilled out with lots of great sides and snacks.
Adam loved sharing his grilled corn with Chandler. I think she was the most popular girl there that night!Layt adores Chandler and wants her to love him too.
We had water games and a slip & slide outside first but the kids got so hot they wanted to come in. We set up a theatre in the dining room with a television and the kids watched
Toy Story 2. Logan thought of several games to play. One was potato head match where he had a picture of a dressed up potato head and there was a race to see who could re-create it. Then after dinner the kids played Toy Story Mania on the Wii. I placed candles in the cake too, one for each kid. We sang Happy Birthday to
Toy Story since it was 3 now and each kid got to blow out a candle.
We did it twice, once for the big kids and once for the little girls.
Then Layt handcuffed his ankle to Chandler's ankle so she couldn't "leave him". Oh, and by the way Layt got these handcuffs from the Cilios for his birthday in case anyone wonders where they came from. haha No comments please!
From the looks of this little girl it was a good party!
Did you see it? What was your favorite character or part? My favorite characters were
Barbie and Ken. My favorite parts were when Ken was doing his fashion show for Barbie and when Buz was changed to Spanish and danced. As the credits were rolling, Sis noticed the dances were choreographed by Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani from Dancing with the Stars. SO FUNNY!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Okay, I'll go along with everyone else and post our picture of VBS this morning. I am teaching (and have for about 6 years) kindergarten. All 3 kids were happy this morning. Logan walked down the stairs this morning and said, "Today is Vacation Bible School, YEA!" How wonderful it is to be able to go to VBS and how even more wonderful it is for my children to be happy to be there. I love our church!
Yes mom, I have fixed the cords under the desk since this picture was taken this morning.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Has anyone seen these?

Have any of you seen these? I was so happy when I found them. We are doing school this summer too probably 3 days a week. I think these will be so fun to have as a snack but learning too. I'm looking forward to using them!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Layton's hidden treasure

Layton loves gadgets and any "treasure" items. He basically hoards them. If you are ever at my house and can't find your keys or your watch or your pocket knife the first place you should look is in Layton's room under his pillow. He has done this several times (just ask Sam Cilio) One evening as I was putting Layton to bed I leaned in to kiss him. I slid my hand under his pillow and felt something. He got a sly grin on his face and begged me to let him keep the handcuffs there. I did but I went back in later in the night when he was asleep to take a picture. I have checked under his pillow most nights since and normally he has something under it. Here are a few pictures of things I have found. I'm sorry these pics are dark and grainy but they are in the middle of the night when I finally go to bed. Here are a few examples:

This night he had a set of keys, a set of handcuffs and a machete! You never know when you will need a machete!
This night he had a ninja sword and the Wolverine hand with claw.
This is the Sea World sword and a Sonic receipt.
This was a big night of pillow treasure, it was a book, a small Blue's Clues magna doodle, and Lego instruction booklet.