Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Emergency

Last night Layton came running through the kitchen and hit the table with his face. He immediately began to scream and cry. I saw blood but couldn't tell where it was coming from because I was looking at his mouth. Then I discovered it was his chin. I couldn't tell if it was bad enough for stitches so I took this picture and sent it to Adam. He was gone to a meeting for the evening (it seems like things like this always happen when you are alone, right?) Layton immediately started worrying about not ever being able to eat ever again. He also said the doctor would have to do surgery or cut his chin off. He is so dramatic! Thankfully Mammie was able to come over to stay with Sissy and Sis was able to pick up Logey from basketball so Layt and I headed out to the new children's Urgent Kids clinic that Dr. Pflieger has opened. I called on the way and they said to come in and let them check it out before we went to the ER. Well, Dr. Pflieger was still there and he said, "Great place buddy, we'll just glue it back!"
Sweet little Layt was so good and brave and laid there watching Ice Age on the huge tv while we were waiting for the doctor to come in.
The doctor had to wash out the wound and so his shirt got soaked in the process but he still acted super.
The nurse held the cut together while the doctor applied the durabond glue.
MUCH BETTER! Today is just looks like a bruise. It is amazing at how God has created our bodies to just bounce back so fast.
Well we made it without an ER visit and I am so glad. I am so proud of my sweet little Layt. He was so brave and strong. No tears and no worries while we were there.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lil' Voyagers

Layton's preschool teacher is wonderful! He goes to Lil' Voyagers preschool in Heath. Last Thursday when we woke up to snow we also had an e-mail. It was from Ms. Beth, his teacher. She said to please send extra boots, pants, socks, etc. because they just couldn't waste this wonderful experience to play in the snow. They all bundled up and went outside. After they came in they made snow ice cream and ate it. I asked Layton how they made it and he said, "you put in water, ice and milk and it makes snow ice cream!" Here is their little class (minus a few )all snowy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

This is what my laundry room dirty clothes hamper looks like as of right now. TOTALLY EMPTY! This doesn't happen very often and I am proud of it. I have exactly 56 more minutes until Layton gets home and starts stripping off his school clothes. He does this almost everyday. He comes straight in, takes off his clothes from school and puts his p.j.'s on. My kids all LOVE p.j.'s. Anyway, it was all clean for a few minutes at least!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let it snow and snow some more!

As we all know, it was a record breaking snowstorm! How great to be able to be a part of it. My littles didn't really know what snow looked like but let me promise you, we have spent hours getting to know it. Three little bodies very excited! This was at 7:20 am before Layton went to preschool on Thursday.

Snowgirls and snowboys were created. Landry's had a bow in it's snow hair and a Barbie purse. Layton's had a sword and Logan's had an A&M cap.

Monday, February 8, 2010

So Pinkish

Most of the day on Saturday Landry asked if we could change her sheets. I kept putting her off since I had just changed her sheets on Wednesday morning. She asked again that evening. She said, "Mom, can I change the sheets on my big girl bed? Can I take the princess sheets off now and put on the hot pinkish ones?" I asked her why and she said, "because I just want my big girl bed to be so pinkish!" I told her that we could. She said, "I will go get it started!" Then I walked in to see her "so pinkish" sheets out of the cabinet and spread out on top of the bed like this. After I got them all fixed she was so proud to go to sleep that night in her "so pinkish" sheets.
Then she threw up in them that night! ARG!