Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bye Bye Summer Vacation

We have had a wonderful summer vacation. We have had the most fun just playing with friends and swimming. Here are a few random pics from this last month from being with friends and playing outside. This one is at the Timmerman's house when the kids all entertained themselves by taking turns jumping over Adam's legs.

I just love this picture of Logan and Anna Overstreet. We have a photo of them like this each year since they were 4 years old and in preschool together. Can anyone say arranged marriage?

Here are the little brothers, Jake and Layton.

Look how Landry is tilting her head against Jake's shoulder. Can you say arranged marriage again?

Logan and Austin Alexander had a good time swimming together on this day.

Snack time at the pool.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis

Happy Birthday Sis
That's webdings for Happy Birthday Sis
We all love you very much!


We made Flubber. Logan has been asking to make it for about a month so we finally did it. It is very easy to do, you mix water and Elmers glue and food coloring. Then you mix water and Borax. Then you pour the Borax solution into the glue solution and they immediately become flubbery. (Yes, they all still have their pj's on, don't judge, it's summer!)

Look at this face? Does it look happy? It was very happy mixing all the ingredients together until I told her to put her hands in the mixture and squeeze it together. Needless to say, she DID NOT touch it and hasn't touched hers since.

These little faces are happy though.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Children's Museum

I took the kids to the Children's Museum in Commerce and the Alexanders joined us. We have been there 2 other times and the kids love it. This is our favorite museum.

Landry and Ainsley played very well together.

Layton up in the rocket ship and then playing the CiCi's pizza man.

Logan and Austin loved spending time together here. They are trying to get the marble maze to work.

Layton also liked playing in the firefighter pants and Landry loved the pilot coat.

Brushing huge teeth and looking at the HUGE milk carton.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wet Zone

Our church had a family fun day at Wet Zone in Rowlett. It was a good afternoon for all of us.

We brought Brooke Brown with us to help me watch the little ones. She love her and she was a great help to me. Here is the group of friends we hung out with. Colette Curtis, Jake Curtis, Tatum Moore, Cade Estes, Logan, Landry and Brooke. Here they are munching on cookies after several hours of swimming.

Caroline Curtis was precious and helped Brooke with the little ones. Landry finally warmed up to them later in the day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of WPA

Today was Logan's 1st day of school at WPA (Wylie Preparatory Academy) Doesn't he look precious in his little uniform?
Here are all his little uniforms lined up as I ironed them last night. Yes, I ironed!

This is what he had set out to wear this morning. They have to wear navy shorts or pants and either white or red polo shirts. We ordered them all at Land's End. I love the WPA logo. We had to get new tennis shoes, mostly white. I love how good Logan is about this. He doesn't complain about having to tuck in his shirt or wear a belt or any of it.

He did his own hair this morning.

Love the new pose.
This is as we were walking in this morning. I love these pictures from the back and I have one from each year since 4 year old preschool. Please notice Layton pulling his backpack too. He brought it with us in the car and then as we got out he said, "Hey, I need my back pack too." It was adorable. He pulled it all the way in (empty) and through the atrium, up the stairs, through the hallway to Logan's classroom. Then he stood there and held it and as we left he pulled it behind him all the way back to the car. Oh, and by the way, Layton says character backpacks are for babies! I tried to talk him in to getting a Batman or Clone Wars backpack but he would ONLY have a plain one on rollers like Logan.
Mrs. Steinberger - math, science and social studies teacher (sorry about the funnyness of the photo)
Mrs. Gage - language arts, reading, spelling, writing teacher
At his table
Here is Layton pulling his backpack in
Here is his face as we were walking out this afternoon. When I picked him up he said, "I loved it! I want to go here forever!" Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support and e-mails and calls. I can tell a HUGE difference from Monday until today and it really helped. Love all of you!

New Baby Chandler

On Saturday we got the opportunity to have dinner with the Cilios. Most importantly I got to hold baby Chandler for almost 3 hours straight. My kids were so thrilled to be able to hold her and play with her too. At different times throughout the night all 3 of them said they wanted to keep her. Here are all 6 precious little ones. Layton and Jackson on the back of the chair, Landry, Campbell, Logan and Chandler in the chair.

The two little girls had a great time together.

Landry is 8 months older than Campbell. She thinks of herself as the older friend. She pats her back and looks at her like a little mommy. Here she is rubbing Campbell's back and singing to her. "Go asheep, go asheep, go asheep yittle Cambowl" I guess she was the mommy putting her little baby to sleep.