Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Funny people and unusual things

I had to purchase more space so just now getting back to my blog. Instead of a long explanation of lots of events I just put a few together for one long picture post.

Sweet boy loves to be read to.
Lunch at Rainforest Cafe
I think the pretzel log cabin fell apart.Well, 2 out of 3 happy kids isn't bad. It's the norm around here.
My kids can put away some chocolate. No complaining when the dessert comes!
Someone was dumb enough to actually take a photo of this with MY PHONE! I was looking through my photos and editing them and I came upon this one.
What in the world?
This was during a bored phase over the ice days. Yes, it's Layt jumping from the top of his dresser over the big red chair to his bed. Thankfully he made it without bursting this brains out. (my nana's saying) We have all been warned that this will NEVER happen again so let's hope it doesn't.
One day we woke up and Sissy's curls were basically gone so this was our first attempt with the hot rollers. She loved how it looked afterward. She admired herself and basically purred for hours after.
My kids thought this was the funniest thing. Our next door neighbors water drips all day every day so this is what it turned into one of the times it iced. We all thought it was so cool to see ice going up.
Date with my darling at Mi Cocina. Yum! Can't wait till ours is built.
I walked in one evening to check on Landry and this is what I saw. She had fallen asleep reading and this book was over hers and Plampia's face.
We went to the Lego Master competition at Grapevine Mills. Logan LOVED it!
Rubber Snake attack in the gift shop!
More ice freezing up during the other freeze earlier this month.
This boy loves to sleep in this red Nike hat. He searches through the laundry when he can't find it. He reminds me of that character on Fat Albert without eyes. haha
She said she wanted to look like Mammie.

Friday, February 11, 2011

La la la la la Inspector Gadget

We call Layt Inspector Gadget. He LOVES to carry, hold, buckle, clip, stick and shove stuff in a belt or pants. His favorite thing is to have a set of keys clipped to him just in case he needs to lock or unlock a door at a moments notice.
I was knelt down in the pantry and then stood up to close the door and this is what I saw. This is his usual stance and uniform along with the light sabre.
Look at all that loot!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not for the weak of heart

Guess what we did last night?
My mom did these on me when I was in high school but we've never done them since then. Adam's head has been really clogged up so when I was at the health food store yesterday I bought a few to try. Adam, Logan and Layt all wanted to do them. It was really cool. They laid their head down and I stuck a hollow wax candle in the ear and light it. It takes about 12-15 minutes to burn down. Adam did both ears.
Logan did one ear
and Layt did one ear. I only bought 4 so I'm going back to get more to do the boys other ear and mine too.
Then when it burns down to about 2-3 inches left you blow it out and cut open the hollow candle. Then you are left with this...
Do not scroll down if you are grossed out by gross things. I am raising 2 boys so I do not have the luxury of being grossed out anymore...

The result. That is the opened candle and all that yellow and orange gunk is what was sucked out of their ears. Isn't that gross and cool all at the same time? Love it!