Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break was full for us! We did lots of fun things. The boys went camping,
went fishing,
had carpet picnics with everything plates (Allie and I used to make these for ourselves when we were little. They are plates with anything and everything you could find in the pantry or refrigerator and eat it from the same plate like a buffet.)
played in the snow (good grief),
ate lunch and played with friends,
played at home and acted silly,
had bubbly baths at Nana and Papa's house,
made a stuffed animal playground,
and had an all around nice and relaxing time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot Pink Hot Heels

I can remember wanting to try on all the high heels at shoe stores when I was little. Well, when Landry saw these "hot pink hot heels" she got them off the display and put them on. I was shopping for about 15 minutes and she wore them the entire time. She really thought I was going to buy them for her and she would be able to wear them home. She told me a few times, look mom, they fit perfectly! Everyone at the store commented about how well she walked in them. Even the shoe department clerks laughed and told me to take pictures of her.
She loved them so much!
Please notice the electric blue hooker toe polish. Aunt Sis painted them for her.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caldwell Trip

Over Spring Break we made a trip to Caldwell to visit Nana and Papa. The kids had such a great time. We did lots of fun things. We played with sidewalk chalk,

got VERY dirty,
cooked and ate WONDERFUL steaks by Papa,
got to sleep in their sleeping bags,
got to have Nana read bedtime stories,
went to Nana and Papa's church,
worked in their yard,
climbed trees,
played spaghetti warehouse, which is where you set the table with all different chairs, plates, flatware, napkins, place mats, glasses, etc. like at the original Spaghetti Warehouse. I played this with Nana and Papa when I was a little girl.
and had very bubbly baths!
Thank you so much for a great time Nana and Papa.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Undefeated Season

Logan's basketball team, the Jackets, went undefeated this season. It was a wonderful experience to be on this team. Everyone on the team was a friend and it was coached by the Rockwall High School varsity boys basketball coach, Alan Simmons. Here they are at a tournament during the championship game that they won! It was a great season!