Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You know they aren't babies...

You know your kids aren't babies when they get their own coke with koozie when you get in the car.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 12 Things I Love and Hate

In honor of Allie who has been complaining about the lack of posts, here it is! Because today is the 12th here are my top 12 things I love and don't love. In no particular order:

Top 12 Things I Love
1. Sleeping Babies (of any age)
2. New jewelry
3. My heating pad (I use it all year round)
4. Chinese food
5. Cleaning out/Organizing a closet or drawer or really anything
6. A Weekly Magazine Subscription
7. My kid's birthdays
8. The freckle on the front and back of Adam's left earlobe that makes it look pierced
9. A clean house
10. Living close to mom and Allie
11. Vacations (or planning vacations)
12. A mint chocolate chip milkshake from Braums

Top 12 Things I Don't Love (or even like at all)
1. Beans of any kind
2. Children who are up too late at the grocery store, etc.
4. Owning equipment of any kind that doesn't work
5. People who call their pets "furry babies" and think they love their dog as much as a baby!
6. Emptying the Dishwasher
7. Unorganized toys
8. mayonnaise
9. mice, rats, hamsters or any varments
10. fanny packs on adults
11. flies in the house
12. texture of coconut

Well there you have it! Love it or hate it that's me!