Monday, July 26, 2010

Tired Babes

I was in the kitchen icing a cake (shocking, I know) and then walked in to the living room and this is what I saw. Both of them had fallen asleep while watching So You Think You Can Dance. Sleepy little guys!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, Randomness!

Okay, this blog is randomness (is that a word?) that I like to talk about. Here goes:
My little Landry loves to wear a towel like this so she can be just like me. Now, if only my towel would wrap around myself this many times! She said to me, "Take my picture and send it to Mam and Sis and Dee. Oh, and Nana too!" So of course I did!

My sweet little Layton- I love how light his hair gets in the summer and how tan his skin gets. It's so funny to see him beside Logan and Landry. They stay so pale and his skin gets to tanned. It's so neat to me that they can be so different naturally.

This is Landry one morning when she got herself dressed. Notice the tank top on backwards that is stay home clothes and too little for her tummy and the skirt (where even did she get it?) Also, I love the church shoes without socks. I asked her about them and she said, "I just love them so much because they are so pretty!" Also, she LOVED the McDonalds watch that day for some reason. She was so proud of herself that I let, YES I LET HER, go to the grocery store looking like this. I did do her hair so maybe people would notice her cute hairbow instead of the shoes.

Don't they look alike? I hear it all the time but I don't really see it because I look at them as such different people. This pic really looks like it though, especially since they are wearing the same t-shirt too.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be my prince, okay?

Well Landry was a little sad a few days ago when she did not have a prince to dance with her. She came down to Adam's office and was pretty disgusted because Layton wouldn't be her prince. She asked Adam to be the prince. He got on his knees to dance with her. He started dancing with her and she kept correcting him. At one time she said, "Daddy, you need to watch the movie to see how to dance! Let's go watch it!" She kept giving him instructions on how to dance, etc. Here she was telling him to bow to her.

Then she curtsies to him. I guess the tongue helps with the dance!

"Now lean me over!"
Landry is such a lucky girl to have a great daddy like she does and we are all lucky he is here so much so we can come down to his office and dance together!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mommy Fun Day

Last Saturday Adam was out of town and for some reason, weekends alone are much more lonely to me so I decided we HAD to get out of the house! I decided to have a Mommy Fun Day! Our first stop was to get donuts!

Then we went to Lowe's for the children's building workshop. We made kaleidoscopes.

Then I surprised them with a movie. We saw Shrek, The Final Chapter.

Then we went to McDonalds for a burger and to play for a while.

Another favorite place for my kids is Petco. We call it Dog and Cats and it is a reward for great behavior. They love to look at all the animals.

Then we stopped by Wendy's for a free junior frosty. We got the free cards from Lowe's. Our last stop was to the library for some new books and DVDs. It was a great day with my sweet babes. We got home just in time to eat dinner, play a few board games, take a bath and get to bed.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Vacation Bible School was a great week and here are a few of the pics from the week.