Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh my, Mini Guys!

The girls were gone all day on Sunday shopping and when I got home this is what I saw in the guest bathroom. Apparently ALL the mini guys had gotten to get into the sandbox to play for a little while and then ALL of the mini guys got to have a bath to get cleaned up. Here they are drying off from a long day.

Please notice the sand that was left in the bottom of the bathtub.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wrestle Mania!

Christian Wrestling Federation comes to FBC Rockwall

This is a song that always comes to mind when I see or hear about wrestling or a wrestling match. The Christian Wrestling Federation came to our church. My boys were thrilled to go. They watched with such intense faces. It was so corny and scripted but fun for the kids to be a part of. Landry and Mammie and Sis and Dee and I joined them for the first part after we got together for dinner to celebrate Sis' birthday. As we were watching the first match Layt said to me several times, "Mom, aren't you and the other girls going to leave now?" It was funny to me that he didn't want us there because we were girls.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New pose and kinda boyish

Landry has a new pose for the camera. Whenever I start taking her picture she poses like this. Most of the time it's hand on the hip and shoulder out and turned sideways like this one. One time I told her to put her hand on her hip and now she can't stop. I have created a monster.In this picture she was trying on a new dress that I bought her for school. I told her how precious she looked and her comment to me was, "I think it's kinda boyish!" As we talked about it more she explained to me that she thought the buttons (that are on the inside so it can wrap) are boyish. Then I understood too that the blue plaid looks boyish to her as well. She felt cute though, you can tell.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Littles start preschool

Yesterday was our first day of preschool. Layton is in pre-K and Landry started her first year of preschool. Landry has been talking about it for almost a year now and Layton has been dreading it for months. This is what their attitudes were Tuesday morning getting ready.
Landry was happy!
Layt was not so happy!
He did put on A LOT of Axe body spray though. I guess he wanted to smell nice for Mrs. Beth.
Landry was excited to show off her bracelet with her name on it and her freshly painted fingernails.
This her new pose. She just puts her hand on her hip whenever you try to take her picture. I will say it again, Thank you God for giving me a girly girl!
Then Layton got all smiles as it was time to leave. Prayers answered!
Surprisingly, Layt suggested we take a picture of them together since they go to the same school. Wow! He normally acts like he doesn't know who she is.
Goodness I wish I had those blue eyes too.
Here we are, the brown eyed kids.
Notice the hand on the hip.
Logan was so sweet and stayed in the background this morning and just let them have their day. He suggested to take one of the 4 of us. I love pictures from the back walking in. Logan let the group though.
Layt with Ms. Beth. He had her last year too so we already knew we loved her. He was happy and just wanted to go in alone. He complied and took a good picture though. Proud of him and how far he has come since this time last year.
Landry got a little nervous when it was time to go in and kept asking me to stay with her. She was fine after I left. (Of course I stayed around in the hallway for a little while to make sure) So this is the first time in over 5 years that it will be just Logan and me for 2 days a week. His home school days are the days they go to preschool so it will be neat for us to be alone again. Hoping we will get his schoolwork done quickly since it will be quiet in the house and I can give him my full attention. I'm sure I will enjoy it just as soon as I stop crying! Ha ha Honestly though from now on I will have all 3 kids in school. No more staying home with mommy full time. That's hard on this mommy! I think I need (want) another baby!