Monday, March 21, 2011

Cover your Eyes!

Layton loves Bibleman and he chose that as the DVD to watch in the car. Landry usually likes it too but on this particular day on the way to dancing there was a scary part. I looked back while sitting at a stop light and saw Landry covering her eyes and then I noticed that her other hand was covering Plampia's eyes too. What a good mommy to cover the baby's eyes and protect her from the scary part.
Also, please notice that Plampia has her dance leotard on also. She actually went to dancing too with Landry.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NFL Experience

One perk of working for a sporting goods business is that Adam is friendly with lots of reps. He was given tickets to the NFL experience that was in Dallas for the Super Bowl. It was a fun family afternoon.
There was so much to do. Here Logan is comparing his hands to those of an NFL player.
They got to try on shoulder pads.
and stand in NFL uniforms
They got to race down a track.
That's Layt in the green, Logan in the red and Adam in the blue on the right.
There was lots of memorabilia to look at.
This is what a typical locker would look like.
This was a high jump contest.
No experience is complete without cotton candy for these kids.
The boys got to stand in front of a green screen and read a script like they were sportscasters. Logan read it all and Layt stood and watched.
We are glad we got to experience it!